DwarfCast 37 – Fathers & Suns: Instant Reaction

fathers 2

(Podcast originally released by ‘Ganymede & Titan’ 11/10/12)

I appeared as a guest on Ganymede & Titan’s instant reaction podcast for Fathers & Suns. Here is the blurb from G&T:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the non-live version of our second live Dwarfcast, our instant reaction to Fathers & Suns. Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples convene to talk about the daddy discipline, predictive Pree and Taiwan Tony, for a very long time. We’re ably assisted by some of the least rubbish G&T commenters – Alex Newsome, Kris Carter and Rich ‘p2p’ Lawden – via Skype, and we’ve also got a fantastic interview with Pree herself, Rebecca Blackstone. All this, plus exclusive news about next year’s Dimension Jump, a preview of next week’s episode, and a final ten seconds that are probably the best thing this site has ever achieved.

You can download it from Ganymede & Titan’s site , via iTunes or you can stream it on the player below:


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