Music: Lunar City Seven

lunar city seven

(Track originally uploaded to YouTube 06/02/12)

This is my attempt to put music to the tune sung by Craig Charles throughout the early series of Red Dwarf. Just messing about really, but while out and about I’ve been putting the parts of this together in Garage Band on the iPad, so please excuse the demo-like quality. I’ve taken certain liberties with the tune hummed by Craig Charles but tried to keep it relatively close to what people know from Red Dwarf.


Lyrics by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Melody by Craig Charles
Red Dwarf theme extract by Howard Goodall
Arrangement by Alex Newsome

This is a non-commercial fan tribute to the BBC/Dave hit sitcom Red Dwarf and is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Grant Naylor Productions. Red Dwarf and its trademarks and branding are owned by Grant Naylor Productions and their associates. You can download this track from

To Ganymede and Titan
Yes, sir, I’ve been around
But there ain’t no place
In the whole of Space
Like that good ol’ toddlin’ town

Oh! Lunar City Seven
You’re my idea of heaven
Out of ten, you score eleven
You good ol’ toddlin’ town

Oh! Lunar City Seven
Lunar Cities One through Six
They always get me down
But Lunar City Seven
You’re my home town

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