The Garbage Podcast – Series X Retrospective

x retro

(Podcast originally released by ‘Gazpacho Soup’ 27/11/12)

Rounding off our Series X podcasts, this edition of The Garbage Podcast sees Alex, James and Andrew taking a look back over the tenth series. The overall merits of the series and the adversity that had to be overcome to make it are discussed at length as we take into account the details of the troubled production that have come to light with the release of the Series X DVD, as well as looking at the deleted scenes and debating the merits of their exclusion from the episodes. This is an extra long edition of the podcast, as this time we also have Alex chatting with Chris Barrie, Danny John Jules and Robert Llewelyn about the making of the series, the DVD release and their hopes for the future in an exclusive interview, for which we are indebted to Jo from the Fan Club and Reetu from BBC Worldwide for setting this up.

You can download it from The Garbage Podcast site, via iTunes or you can stream it on the player below:


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