DwarfCast 48 – 25th Anniversary Live Special


(Podcast originally released by ‘Ganymede & Titan’ 15/02/13)

I appeared as a guest on Ganymede & Titan’s 25th anniversary live podcast. Here is the blurb from G&T:

To celebrate Red Dwarf’s twenty-fifth anniversary, we held a small gathering in West London in order to broadcast a load of old Dwarf-related ramblings live to the assembled masses. This is your regular downloadable version of that broadcast. The G&T team (Cappsy, Danny, Ian, John and Tanya) were joined by TORDFC’s Jezzmund Tutu and Jo Sharples, and TOS’s Seb Patrick.


We discussed the Silver Survey results, revealed Team G&T’s Top 20 episodes, looked back at contemporary reaction to Series VII and VIII, and generally spoke a lot of shit. We were also joined on Skype by Brayds2006, Cpt-D, Alex Newsome, Shane Poole, Jonsmad and the ever-erudite Pecos Pete. Thanks to all our correspondents, and everyone who listened live – this was a hell of a lot of fun, and helped to make the 25th anniversary a real special occasion.

You can download it from Ganymede & Titan’s site , via iTunes or you can stream it on the player below: