DwarfCast 50 – Dimension Jump XVII Special


(Podcast originally released by ‘Ganymede & Titan’ 09/05/13)

I appeared as a guest on Ganymede & Titan’s DJXVII podcast. Here is the blurb from G&T:

Another Dimension Jump has once again come and gone, and we’re all left to pick up the emotional and physical pieces as we try to recover from the best weekend in any given calendar year. It was an odd year for G&T as more than half of our number were involved in the running of the weekend, but as always we still found time for the traditional round-up DwarfCast.

At the end of a hungover and sleepy Sunday, a frankly ridiculous amount of people all crammed into a single hotel room and tried their best to produce something listenable. I think, on balance, we just about managed it. For G&T alone we have John and Tanya, representing both G&T and the Fan Club we have Cappsy, Ian and Danny, along with Fan Club members and helpers Jo Sharples, Jezzmund Harrison, Carrie Parsons, Alex Newsome, Kiran Parsons, Joey Cannon and Tom Pyott. Finally, the excellent members of the G&T community that we dragged kicking and screaming from the bar include, in no particular order, Karl (Tarka Dal), Mick (mick), Mabel (HelloMabel), Annie (anniescribe) and Claire (Claire).

A hearty thank you to everyone involved in this ludicrous episode as well as everyone we spoke to (however briefly) over the weekend. You’re all quite good.

You can download it from Ganymede & Titan’s site , via iTunes or you can stream it on the player below: